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Educate Page Wireframe for Cryptocurrency Exchange Website

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Hey guys!

Today I’d like to share the Educate Page wireframe I created for Altcoin, a cool decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform. We designed and developed a website for the guys here at Zajno. And now the website is finally live, you can check it out here.

We rarely share the wireframes for our projects on here for some reason. But wireframing is an essential part of our design process, and it helps save time and money both for us and our clients. Prototyping with wireframes is way quicker, and we can validate ideas faster, instead of doing that when the design is nearing completion.

Goals: Creating wireframes for a page that would teach potential customers the basics and benefits of cryptocurrency exchange, paying great attention to the customer journey on the page and the entire website in general.

Approach: As one of the requirements was to use a lot of graphic content, we focused on arranging all the elements in the best possible way in order to put accents on the core features and navigate an intuitive technology experience.

Results: We ended up with a good Educate Page wireframe that allowed us later to create a stylish and effective UX design that best serves the needs of the target audience allowing our clients to attract and retain more users.

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