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Hey fellow dribbblers,
I have some fresh project for you, it's a concept I made for a cryptocurrency wallet called Exodus. The brief was absolutely open, so my task was also to come up with some fresh ideas and overall look and fell.

I believe that for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies by regular, non technical people like me, and I guess some of you, it's time to remove that high-tech, sci-fi feeling with flying polygons and dark backgrounds (that I actually love).

The underlying technology/idea of no middle man in crypto is stunning, but instead of telling the users how the things are complex and complicated I think it's much more important to make it more accessible for them. And that was my goal for this specific Exodus project, get rid of the tech look and show the newbie users, that even regular people without MIT degrees can easily operate with cryptocurrencies, buy them, store them and exchange them.

Btw. real pixels and animations are on the way, stay tuned.

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