Daily UI 003 - Landing Page

Day 003 for the 100 days DailyUI Challenge. A landing page.

Made a landing page for a fictional bank. Credits to unsplash.com for the stock photo

In this challenge I learned more about:

- Timeboxing: So I timeboxed myself to every DailyUI challenge to 1 hour, I had to cut down the minutes I spent in making this. I have a 1-year-old kid, so I needed to be efficient with my free time. Used 5 minutes to sketch out something quick on paper and head straight to Figma.
- The pen tool and masking
- My lack of creativity on creating a generic logo for a fictional financial institution
- My lack of foundation for color schemes: I'm not so sure about the color choice for the hyperlink, it's too light.

Any constructive criticism and thoughts would be appreciated.

Posted on Apr 12, 2018

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