So this isn't that exciting as far as a dribbble post, but what it is in reference to and why it's being made in my opinion is.

This is a new side project that I'm launching while at Creative South called Five to Nine - An interview series talking to those who are clockin’ off their 9–5 and onto their side business, project, studio, passion etc. With the notion that behind every project there’s a story to tell and a lesson to learn or something to share with someone who’s just starting out on their own endeavors.

You can read the full post here:

We'll see what it evolves too but for now, I'm pretty stoked to have launched something I've been thinking about for years. Less thinking, more actions is one of my goals this year. Time to bring some of the things in my head to life, this is step 2 of a 3 step plan. Step 1 was launching Swing Shift Studios which I've also done via a soft launch today/earlier this year (

Posted on Apr 11, 2018

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