Adri Montano

Book Of Heroines

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Book Of Heroines girl power coloring book book

There is a colossal gender imbalance found in media geared toward children, including books. I created a book for children highlighting twelve women who have radicalized the world, adding to a narrative that is lacking representation. There are exponentially more male characters in cartoons, video games, films, and even coloring books. It is difficult to imagine yourself in the role of the protagonist when you are not being represented. Research shows that no more than 33% of children’s books published in any given year contain central characters that are adult women or female animals. However, in children’s books, adult men and male animals appear 100% of the time. My vision is to share this book with you and inspire young minds, empower them, go on an adventure, and explore the possibilities of a world where we are all truly equal and free all around the world.

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