Edoption - Pet Adoption App Concept | Day 98/365 - Project365

Day 98/365 - Edoption - Pet Adoption App Concept

Super Sunday:

This Sunday's super app is "Edoption".

Every day, Hundreds of thousands of pets are abandoned and are put to sleep, due to several reasons. Why not make the process of finding dogs that are being rescued, in shelters or are no longer in a position to be managing it by someone.

Edoption is a concept app that allows you to browse through available pets around your area. You can swipe right to like a pet or adopt it. Just like Tinder. In fact, it's a lot better. Even if you are unable to adopt one, you can help people reach to dogs that need attention by bringing them to the top of the lists.

Let me know your thoughts on this one!

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