Exploring The Space Animation – InVision Studio FREEBIE

Hey guys!

I am excited to share my first animation made with InVision Studio. Hey @Charles Patterson, you've been an inspiration to me for a very long time. Your work is solid. Thanks for sharing such good quality designs with the community.


Keep up the good work, @InVision team! This is some very exciting times for us designers.

👏Put your hands on this freebie 👏
Download .studio file

P.S: My file is still very disorganized and I set up the auto-play transitions for all artboards just for the sake of recording/exporting the video. The actual interaction should be “swipe left and right”. But you can change that in the Timeline settings.

I will be sharing more freebies and possibly some interaction design tutorials on YouTube soon.

Bye, Felicia! 👋

Jardson Almeida
Digital Product Designer & Brand Strategist.

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