Habits Tracker App

Good morning to you, fellow designers!

Habits are key to productivity!
But sometimes, it is hard to get the work done every day...

You probably have already seen in a movie with miners: there is always a sign at the entrance telling how many days since the last accident.
One of the goals of those is to make workers to be careful with what they do because they don't want to break this counter.

This app is an Habit Tracker, and it uses the same concept! The number on the left is the number of days in a row that the habit was successfully done.
If you miss one day, then it goes back to 0. You don't want that, do you?!

This UI is made to be friendly and appealing, while still reminding the urge to do what you still have to do thanks to the contrast between warm and cold colors.

What do you think of it, guys? Would you use this app? :)


Posted on Apr 5, 2018

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