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Landing Page for Pawoon POS App

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Landing Page for Pawoon POS App pointofsale fintech website ux ui tablet sme pos landingpage landing app android

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With over 10 thousand users, Pawoon is now one of the few big POS in Indonesia. A few months back, I was given the opportunity to redesign the landing page of Pawoon. It took a while doing the user interview, the data analyzing, running the usability test, et cetera. In each process, I keep finding things that are sometimes surprising. Managing to convert those surprises into a design is a challenge in itself.

In collaboration with Pawoon's internal team, we were able to release the live version for three months now. Conversions increased, bounce rate decreased, google rank and Alexa flew up, avg. time on page rose and so far the outcome has been satisfying.

You are able to check the live version and it may be a tiny bit different to what you see here because we are running a few A/B test.

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