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Daily Logo Challenge (Day 01/50): Rocket Ship Logo

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Daily Logo Challenge (Day 01/50): Rocket Ship Logo rocketship rocket ship wordmark branding brand challenge logo daily dailylogochallenge

Since I had so much fun doing the previous daily challenge and really grew as a designer, I decided to start up a new challenge! This time we have 50 days ahead of us and a bit more creative freedom with our prompts.

Today it was a rocket ship logo. I liked the brand name Quasar not only because it sounds cool but the meaning behind it (a very distant, immensely bright object) represents a company specializing in space exploration. It was also the a dynamic word to make a wordmark out of. I got the idea for the rocket trail to make up the line in the Q. This gives the design a crisp and clean look that is easy to the point.

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