Dribbble Sticker Pack: Playoff! ⭐

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Dribbble Sticker Pack: Playoff! ⭐ sticker pack sticker mule motion animation magic graphics rebound playoff giveaway free stickers dribbble

Dribbble is Magic: What are you working on? Don't just think, keep posting your Creative Shots even in the busiest time of yours, Just Make it Happen! Dribbble is like a drug and an addiction to me, do let me know your views on Dribbble in the comments section below! Less is More, Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication: I tried a minimalistic approach in Designing the Sticker and gave it a visual touch through the animations in After Effects. Just go for it & Yes Remember Just Make it Happen! Just had fun experimenting in this one..! :D

This is my entry for a limited edition Dribbble sticker pack and a submission to the @Sticker Mule Awesome Playoff! 😁 And Cheers @Dribbble for such awesome figures 1,006,867,115,469 ( as of now :-P )

Read my Medium Article & Get Inspired! As Always Cheers & Happy Designing! I Dab, Peace ✌️

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