Joey Judkins

"Milkweed"/"Cow Trippin"Mixed Parts Brief - March 2018

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"Milkweed"/"Cow Trippin"Mixed Parts Brief - March 2018 animate cc cel frame by frame 2d after effects gif character animation

The theme for this month's Mixed.Parts brief was "bizarre," so I tried to come up with something weird.

I think I started with "weird flowers," because I remembered there was a strange poisonous weed growing in our backyard once and it had a unique shape to it. I found some awesome strange flowers online - there's one called "palm of Christ," for example. The one in this animation isn't actually a milkweed - it's more a rafflesia with some added bonus nipples...

I do wish i would have given the last scene a little more love. I spent a good amount of time concepting and animating the first few scenes, only to find that the final scene (the payoff) wasn't as well put-together as I had hoped, but that's the fun of Mixed.Parts - there's a deadline, and you just gotta do your best with what you have!

Thanks for watching! And Thanks to @Daniel Savage for the Mixed.Parts community, and to @Ambrose Yu for the sound design.

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