Am I doing this right?

So I think I nailed this...

- Modern typeface ("Font"). It's called Papyrus. Avatar used it.

- Pretty robust isometric illustration on the right side there.

- Subtle drop shadow.

- Rounded corners because squared corners are super dumb.

- Excellent use of color wheel theory stuff.

- Pretty sure I did the kerning right. You be the judge.

- Of course, I included the Dribbble logo. Slightly modified, but also better than the original tbh.

- What else, what else...Oh yeah oh yeah, I hand-drew* the random shapes in the background that look like party favors. This whole thing is a gosh darn party.

* I hand drew all shapes using the Polygon Tool, which I accessed quickly with the advanced letter "u" shortcut.

I hope this made you smile; I was chuckling to myself the my whole way through this. I've gotten a lot out of Dribbble over the years, and I'm excited to start contributing.

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