Yomes - Renters Transparency Initiative

Back in 2016 I worked on this project for Yomes, an online community for renters, in Halifax.

The "Renters Transparency Initiative" was a anonymous survey where renters were able to share their experience and learn from each others about available apartments, the renting market in specific areas and get a hint at what a landlord might be like once they move in.

The highlight of this project for me was definitely the awesome collaboration between the client, myself with UI and Creative Direction and the illustrator @Adrian Fernandez, with his awesome skills :) . He was relentless and always delivered top notch work.

I'll keep posting things about it here and there. Check @Adrian Fernandez profile for more of it too.


PD. The project is not available online, or maybe it is, I believe it was sent by mail and also done in person at specific events.

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