Bulley - Initial Process Steps

Initial steps for a little personal project.

Setting up some guides for the sake of geometry and proportion. Needs lots of refinements though. But then again it's just an 10 min initiating process to set up those guides for future improvements. Really need to get my ass back onto client stuff before they're gonna freak out on me :D

Should I continue or just drop it like it's hot?

Larger screenshot attached.

If you ever wondered how to add a tangent line to curved paths in order to create a smooth transition from a circle to a straight line for non level rounded corners, here's my trick.

Edit: for those who are interested in this particular workflow: the large circle (center) is the main starting circle. All remaining circles are derived from it in percentages, like the smaller circles on its mouth, butt, etc are 25% of the large one, and so on. I try to keep those angles consistent as well. For instance, the diagonal line starting from its mouth is copied to the tail, trying to keep the tail in the same angle. The opposite diagonals are mirrored, trying to keep the angle of its legs consistent as well.

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Posted on Feb 22, 2012
Gert van Duinen
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