The Design Genome Project: Detail Page

We’re proud to have worked with @InVision to create the site for The Design Genome Project, which explores the design DNA of the world’s best digital product teams. Incorporating grid elements, beautiful animations, and colorful illustrations, the site showcases what sets apart the design teams at Netflix, Shopify, Slack, and more.

The Design Genome Project:

So many amazing people were involved in making this happen from both the InVision and SuperFriendly sides:

Content: @Aarron Walter, Eli Woolery
Art direction: @aaron stump @Dan Mall
Producers: Amanda Swan, Crystal Vitelli
Design: @Anton Aheichanka
Illustrations: @Jack Daly
Development: @Jamie Kosoy @James Hall, Emily Flannery, Greg Sarault, Talasan Nicholson

We hope you enjoy the project as much as we enjoyed working on it!

Posted on Mar 22, 2018
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