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STRONGMAN, a Pakistan's leading medical industry approached me for a rebranding. The company had been using the same brand identity for the last 25 years. The Brand now has evolved into a major name in the medical industry. Thus it needed a re-brand.

From the very start, the client had laid emphasis on two things. That the logo should be a word-mark and it should look bold. Also it should have an elegant feel. After experimenting with different typefaces it was observed that none of those was able to bring the desired elements to the logo. Therefore I began work on a wordmark made completely from scratch. And came up with a solution. Also, an abstract mark was added to the design but was later dropped upon client's feedback. The logo was treated with warm colors.

In the end, we see a design that solves all the major problems and gives the company the solution they were looking for.

You can check out the Business Card or Letterhead

Special thanks to Alen Pavlovic


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