Václav Vančura

Notification Modal

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Notification Modal beige button gray green gradient glow flash game icon text interface myriad yellow falanxia pixel

For your consideration here is another mockup I created for the Facebook game we're going to release very soon. All unread notifications are stored here – until the player clicks the button in the middle (label translates to "Erase all messages"). There are apparently three levels of messages: info, warning and error, each with an icon.

On top, there's an info bubble with the player's current money amount and current guests and current VIPs in their bar.

Buttons in the footer turn modals on and off. "Notifications" is the current one, while the second one is a Drink List.

Don't worry, of course. The game will be in English (and other major languages). For us, it's much easier to maintain locales in Czech since it's our mother tongue.

I hope you'll be able to play the game live on facebook soon.

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