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  1. Cap Cap

    An iOS app idea I've had for awhile that would compile all your friends' favorites across a variety of services (Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, etc.) and give you easy access to all the things your friends thought were great.

    Definitely not in development at all, unfortunately. :(

    about 2 years ago

  2. Des Traynor Des Traynor

    I really like the idea of this app. It does a job that nothing does right now. Would love to see it build out.

    about 2 years ago

  3. Justin Edmund Justin Edmund

    You should check out stellar.io.


    about 2 years ago

  4. Josh Lane Josh Lane

    Cap, how is it that we never talked about this before? I've had the exact same idea for 2 years. Even posted some stuff on dribbble here - http://dribbble.com/joshualane/tags/favalot

    Also, sadly not in development :(

    about 2 years ago

  5. Cap Cap

    I smell a startup! ;)

    about 2 years ago

  6. Ryan Schroeder Ryan Schroeder

    +1 for Stellar.io It pretty much does exactly that.

    about 2 years ago

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