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Fashionista®: Women's Fashion App

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Fashionista®: Women's Fashion App thirtylogos collection lululemon typography type handmade custom symbols girls marks logos logo

Women's Fashion App, Company Name: Fashionista.

The Brief:


We're so happy to work with you on our logo. Fashionista is a women's fashion app that pairs your current wardrobe with amazing deals at local stores around you. For example, a user could enter in two pairs of jeans and one yellow shirt, and our app will return with other clothes that pair well with the those jeans and shirt as well as complimented outfits. We love the simple look for logo designs. One color background with a white logo would work well for us, especially for the app icon. We do need the logo to work as just an icon so that we can use it for our app."


Some Color Tips

Finding the right color can be difficult. Colors evoke completely different emotions and thoughts. For this logo, women's fashion is at the forefront, and you'll want to choose a color that attempts to encompass several fashion trends and opinions into one color.

It sounds like an impossible task, but there is a few hues and tones that many people could agree on as being "easy to look at". Adobe Color may help you find some nice ideas for the color.

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