Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is one of the most recognised and famous brands in the world, so Juice London, in conjunction with cievents, felt honoured when we were invited to name, design and implement a new sales incentive programme for their UK and European dealerships.

An integral part of our strategy was to centre the comms plan, and subsequent collateral, around a strong event identity. With a focus on the incentive destination, and the exclusivity synonymous with Rolls-Royce, Juice London devised a concept based upon the idea of ‘18°S • 26°E’ – the latitude and longitude coordinates of Zambia.

By using digital and traditional channels to maximise the effectiveness of the programme, we designed pre-programme invitations, physical teasers and monthly html mailers, as well as an engaging website to serve as the primary marketing tool for participants.

Designed to reward and recognise the top 10 achievers over a key six month trading period, this prestigious programme needed to engage and excite Rolls-Royce participants like never before. With the prize set as a 6-day trip to an overseas destination of our choosing, we created a suite of marketing material to promote the incentive campaign, centred around a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’, all expenses paid trip to Zambia, Africa.

Posted on Mar 15, 2018

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