Jaku - Nintendo Rules


Does this really need explaining? Went on a bit of a Nintendo tear. If they paid me to play SFII as a kid by the hour, I'd be a millionaire by the time I hit 18 years of age!

Totally off topic, but this SFII god was schooling kids on the Hyper version at my local arcade back in the day. A lot of talk about how good this guy was so I was pretty stoked to see him in action.

He liked to use Ryu (who didn't) and perfected this move where he would walk up to you and stand just far enough away to get you to deliver a heavy low kick (if you also chose Ryu and most would because let's face, if the other guy picks Ryu, your choices are either Ryu or Ken if you want a fighting chance). You would invariably miss and as you swing your leg back, you character would actually be pushed a little closer, opening you up for a counterattack of the same kind. He would get you... ever... single... time. It was masterful and infuriating. The dude was good. He could pick you out of the air with Guile and slam you to the ground just as effortlessly.

I walked up and put my quarter on the screen. Waited my turn and chose Blanka (definitely a bottom tier character). I liked him. He was a beast. He wasn't that good of a fighter, but he was just exceptionally designed. I was especially mesmerized by his animated fighting stance; so cool, so well done. It was close, but guess who the champ was after 3 rounds? It only took 2 rematches for him to sulk away (his "entourage" right behind him). It was a proud day in my childhood as I enjoyed my 15 minutes of fame! Beat some big time champ who was using the top tier player with the bottom rung. Ha!


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