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Fast Data Highway energy force highways unification hybrid sprites stripes speed fast data velocity dcos mesosphere

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A week ago today we released Mesosphere DC/OS 1.11. It’s our most ambitious release yet, bring with it several first-to-market features - most notable being, true Hybrid Cloud support. With Mesosphere DC/OS organizations can unify public and private clouds into a single pool of resources. Allowing for one-click deployment of containerized applications and data services anywhere, instantly.

The design team here at Mesosphere pulled together to release both an amazing product experience as well as support an jam-packed marketing launch. Landing pages, ad units, social media, website changes, press assets, the list of creative needs would make even the most seasoned designer sweat. Despite the challenge the team came together and produced some pretty amazing work in the 11th hour.

I was tasked with defining the creative direction that supported our primary launch messaging. The key theme being hybrid cloud. We want to invoke feels of unification, energy coming together, world’s colliding, etc… The shot above is one attempt of many at trying to capture these feeling as an abstract backdrop for our message. Ultimately, we went a different direction (posting the final in a future shot).

Enjoy the shot. Pull up the larger image to see the detail or even download as use as a wallpaper.

Be sure to check out the Mesosphere team Dribbble page:
For more about Mesosphere and Mesosphere DC/OS visit:
And of course, we’re always looking for amazing people to join the team.

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