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This was the event page before I tweaked the header and switched the tabs from li's to td's. View a broken version of the site with this code here ( or the second image attached (the third is a CFO event, showing how we used the power of LESS to create a palette off of a single base color), and see the site as it went live here (

No images are in the thumbnail outside of the faint transparent PNG swoosh in the backdrop. The gradient in the circles is achieved using a webkit-mask and defaults to a solid color in non-webkit browsers. The highlight at the top of the tabs is an inset box-shadow. In the attachment, the only images are the graphic element in the logo and the headshot.

For purposes of this screenshot (which was to show that this logo -- while still really weak -- was still better than serif on the live site), the logo itself is Photoshopped in, although on our dev server it was live text (as seen in the first link above). My plan was to vertically-flip a V to be the A so we wouldn't lose the interactions there, but alas, design-by-committee.

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