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More than one year ago, I faced the problem that there isn't any platform specifically for designers, where they could publish their work, tutorials, communicate and most importantly, get real, constructive and valuable feedback for their work from other designers.

Biggest problem is that 9/10 comments on either dribbble or behance are bragging to visit comment's owner profile to get views. No one really cares about real solutions to problems designers are suggesting by putting their efforts.

Moreover, I, as a self-taught designer, always looked for one place where could I find UI/UX design related tutorials and ask design related questions. I was always and still am looking for a platform where designers could interact and communicate with each other. Facebook 'designers' groups just doesn't work because there are no hierarchy and categories and as a consequence, posts with useful content get lost in just a few days.

I also thought about making profiles look more professional so as to potential employees could see more information about the designer, what kind of projects he/she is looking for.

So as to tackle to all these problems, I imagined how this kind of platform may look like. Unfortunately, launching this kind of website would need huge effort and investments, so sadly and most definitely it will be left as an unused design in my portfolio.

Posted on Mar 14, 2018
Daumantas Banys
I happen to design products that people use.

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