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Hampton Cove Animal Hospital Logo

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Hampton Cove Animal Hospital Logo thirtylogos collection animal hospital typography type badge custom symbols emblem marks logos logo

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Animal Hospital, Company Name: Hampton Cove.

The Brief:


We're thrilled to see what amazing work you can do for the Hampton Cove Animal Hospital. The Hampton Cove area is known for it's mountains, so we'd love to incorporate some mountain(s) in the logo somehow, maybe in the background. The main focus of course should be pets/veterinary/animal hospital. If you look around the internet you can find a lot of great examples of animal hospital logos and we'd love something similar to them with the uniqueness of using mountains to represent the area we're located in! Thanks!"


Inspiration Isn't Easy

When people ask us where we find inspiration, the short answer is searching online and visiting sites like Dribbble ;) ...and Behance. But that's just the start of it and sometimes we actually avoid it.

The truth is, some of the greatest artists don't wait around to be inspired. They just start working. Jump in. Sketch. Think. Try. Fail. Try. Fail. Try. Succeed.

Thinking in abstract and unique ways can be ruined by too much exposure to other visually stimulating logos and designs. For example, let's say you search for "animal hospital logos" and you find several featuring the color blue. Your brain may only start thinking in blue because it's being repeated over and over, and sometimes this can be bad for gaining your own inspiration.

In all, it's completely fine to head to the internet to get some ideas, but it shouldn't be your first step and it certainly shouldn't be your only method of idea generation.

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