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Mobile App Feedback Form Design - Wireframes

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Mobile App Feedback Form Design - Wireframes ux design ui design mobile design form design mobile app ux ui wireframe form feedback app mobile

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Hey guys! I've decided to start this new initiative where I take a design prompt from Sharpen Design and interpret it in any way I choose.


The design prompt I got was to design a feedback form for a hospital in Portland. I did a lot of design research where I learned a lot about the motivations of giving feedback to hospitals (which will be summarised in a Medium article , coming soon!) and came up with two styles of the feedback forms. I used these iterations to test which one would be more favourable amongst the general public.

I decided to do an A/B test on both my designs because I felt like the first design I made would be too cluttered with information, so I created another style where questions came one after the other. Surprisingly, people would prefer the clutter of information because they felt like they spent the least amount of time with this style.

I've made my decision to code my designs this time because I want to play with animations through front-end development. It's been a challenge but I love the learning process! Once I finish my designs I will link the Codepen to my next post. Stay tuned for more!


Contact me if you are interested in working on a project together!

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