Manual Focus, relaunched

This is a header for my podcast I'm relaunching after a 2 year hiatus.

@Ian Barnard blessed me with this logo type a few years back.

You can see the straight of camera images in the attachments. I didn't like the white background with the pale purple skin, so I had to change it up in post.


Wondering about the podcast? I'm going to honest, that it will be polarizing... if you're into creatives sharing lessons God has taught them while following Jesus, you'll love it. Otherwise, it's a hard pass - and I understand and respect that.

You'll hear the spiritual side of creatives you love like @Emily Carlton, @Ben Stafford and others.

The intro relaunch episode is out. Emily is our first interview which launches in April 3rd.

Posted on Mar 10, 2018
Alicja Colon
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