Keyshape Exploration


Found this awesome tool called Keyshape via Interface Lovers. Great site to read about what other designers are doing in our industry.

Back to Keyshape though, this only took about 10 min to make if that. I cannot speak highly enough of this awesome little tool.

One of its best features isn't the ability to animate, but it will export animated SVG code for your web projects. Really easy to just inject into your code.

I am an advocate for simple easy to use tools. This tool took no time to pick up because a lot of its interface is similar to those that we already use on a day to day basis. And the animating aspect of it is just as easy to understand.

If you're coding your animations from scratch or if you're a designer looking to expand your skillset I highly recommend you giving this tool a go. You can find it here:

Thanks for looking!


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