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Minimal movie posters #3 - The Truman Show

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Minimal movie posters #3 - The Truman Show show truman teletext movie minimal

Hi peeps!

it’s movie posters time of the week! 🙂
For our third challenge, we chose a 1998. Jim Carrey classic - The Truman Show. This was his first time taking on a serious dramatic leading role
and what a movie it turned out to be.

I created this poster in collab with Matej, our Creative Strategist. Our first thought was the iconic stairs scene, but we decided to do something differently. We tried to remember what TV looked like in 1998 and recalled using teletext for EVERYTHING (news, weather, sports…). We think it fits just right with this bizarre reality Truman show.

Hope you like it!

Till next time, and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night! 🙂

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