Feed Report v.2

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OK. Here's v2.

Fullsize: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/452595/FeedReport-v.2.png


#1 - Added fullscreen buttons

#2 - Changed the active color to a more native blue.

#3 - Removed the large plus icon for unread, and changed to a small icon next to favicon.

#4 - Removed dotted dividers in articles view, and added subtle gradient.

#5 - Changed to toolbar buttons so that you can now view "Feeds" or "Bookmarks". Removed unread/bookmarks count from the buttons, as this could cause problems if you had a large amount of unread/bookmarks.

The pressed/active state for the "Feeds" button still needs work. If anybody has any suggestions on how to make it look better, feel free to rebound the shot.

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