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Perpetual mini player

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Say hi to Perpetual's mini-player. In addition to this, a few other things have been introduced, tweaked or completely changed:

1) The slider buttons at the top will allow you switch between the artwork when you're in full-player mode and the statistics for the current song ("just how addicted ARE you?").

2) I changed the progress bar. This feels a little better to me.

3) The perpetual range markers have been tweaked and embiggened. The last ones didn't feel like they belonged in a Mac application. Also, bigger targets are always a plus.

4) Added a pop-over when a marker is selected, showing you not only the timecode where your marker sits, but also the beat number. Beat snapping is EXTREMELY important to Perpetual's success.

And, that's it. :) Remember, if you'd like to follow our progress, visit us here:

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