Target Page Design for Invoicing SaaS Company

Hi guys!

As you might already know, one of the websites we’ve been recently working on here at Zajno is finally live! It’s the website for our good friends from Anfix, a Spanish invoicing and bookkeeping software company that provides multiple services from account management to financial control of the entire business and allows automating the whole process, saving your time and money and making it all quite simple and transparent.

What you see above is a target page for advisors, in other words, a landing page for accounting advisors where they can see certain features targeted particularly at them. You can find the live version of the page here.

Creating a new modern website that would solve the clients’ business problems attracting more leads and converting them into customers.

We jumped at crafting effective needs statements after visiting and talking to our clients. We discussed their target audience, created their use cases, and based our structure off of that. The key objective was to show the main advantages of using Anfix software to encourage potential clients to learn more about the product and eventually click the Free Trial button. That’s why we chose to use minimalistic and simple UI to present the data in the easiest way. We also used subtle animations representing some of the product’s features to liven up the scroll a bit.

We ended up with a clean, modern and pretty nice-looking design with good white space utilization and attention to detail that allow attracting the target audience in a more efficient way.

You can check out the live version here!

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