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SplitUp! Tab Manager for Chrome -Visual Design, UI

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SplitUp! Tab Manager for Chrome -Visual Design, UI chromeextension branding design graphicdesign ui visualdesign


SplitUp! Tab Manager is a fun and elegant way to organize all your tabs into one list, and "SplitUp!" into (randomly) color-coded separate windows. There are some other tab managing options out there, but none have both the complete functionality as well as appealing and fun UI. Using this positive and immediately helpful interface will ensure that never again will you feel crabby from a browser that's too tabby.

-mute/unmute any browser playing audio instantly
-tabs are clickable to navigate to directly, or be closed out quickly
-drag/drop tabs within or between windows
-backup your tabs locally do your drive
-open the extension in its own window, perfect for dual screen setups
-it is FREE
-more features to come, such as password protected/locally encrypted cloud backup.

I'd love to hear some feedback on what you think. :)

Created by Onar Alili & Danielle Attinella
(www.onaralili.com + www.looplooplooploop.com)

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