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Working on a logo for a friend's ministry out in Venice Beach, CA. My initial sketch is on the left, my first rough draft is on the right. I am stuck I really need som super feedback to make this look right. Its just off somehow. Its the Hands of God making one of those heart hand shapes. Basically saying that it only takes one spark to start a fire in your heart for God. if that makes sense. Either way please please help me figure this one out. I am stuck. Thoughts, suggestions, feedback, criticism, are most welcome!! I think the pinky needs to go...anyway thanks in advance y'all!

From Client:
One Spark International is a nonprofit organization that reaches out to the lost, hurting, broken, and homeless. The founder is an itinerant speaker/teacher/preacher of the Bible and a revivalist with a passion to see hearts set on fire for Jesus Christ. This logo is a representation of what happens when people actually become the hands of Jesus in the earth. People are awakened to the reality of the love of God. The hands could also symbolize the fiery and powerful hands of God reaching down to hold our hearts when we need Him the most.


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