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Send Flowers

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Send Flowers rose flowers gif print art handlettering brush design typography type lettering

I sent flowers to my crush on Valentine's Day. She didn't know, it was long distance. Last minute, I was battling with the idea of it being creepy vs. it being nice.

It paid off! When they arrived at hers she sent me a really lovely message and reassured me that I had done the right thing. I made a really sweet girl's day that little bit nicer.

'Send Flowers' is a homage to story on Valentine's Day and is hereby my new alias. It stands for taking the plunge. Going that little extra mile. Thoughtfulness and consideration for others. It's a statement and an action. And it typifies everything I stand for.

Take a chance❤️

Attached is a larger version (for detail) and a liquid animation I was playing with in AE.

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