KuanJen (Kevin) Wang

Ecosystem—Coke Zero Tetris + Daftpunk Promotion

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Ecosystem—Coke Zero Tetris + Daftpunk Promotion

When I worked on the experience and
ecosystem, I had to provide value to CokeZero
on the macro level while at the same time
offering relevant and meaningful value to the
consumer at each touch point - be it utility,
information, entertainment or something else.
Every touch point and every path must be
considered at each stage. Advertising is a great
field where one has the opportunity to gain
knowledge, skills and training as a story teller and
I enjoy the path to break down the consideration
of drivers. For example, on which platform can I
tell the story about Coke Zero and Daftpunk?
Where can I promote the app associate with this
crossover campaign? How can I utilize PR, word
of mouth and blogger to increase the number of
participants / customers? Via the breakdown, the
ecosystem and user journey is more solid and
creates a harmonious experience for the
CokeZero campaign. I believe the whole user
intersection can be considered in user journey
and ecosystem where the real opportunities are
for the integration, relationships and value of the
brand. Moreover, I’ve tried to marry the digital
and traditional platforms and connect all drivers
into the same experience.

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