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Industrial and 3D Printing Web Platform - Pricing Plans

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Industrial and 3D Printing Web Platform - Pricing Plans 3d blockchain ui clean plans illustration forms features printing pricing

We are working on a new web platform and dashboard for a collaborative network for industrial and 3D printing. It connects potential clients with a global map of manufacturers (individuals and companies). Today we decided to share with you how we designed the pricing cards.

After some research we’ve identified that we should inform the important and emphasise the difference between the two prices. The most important information is the price, then the name of the plan and the summary of what the user can do. We illustrated the difference by using unique vivid colors for each price. By using a more complex form inside the paid pricing tier (the dodecahedron instead of the cube), we subliminally hint that by having the premium plan the user may achieve and produce projects with higher levels of complexity that are not possible by the restrictions of the Free tier.

Hope you enjoyed it, thanks for viewing!

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