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Wrapp - Web B2B tool

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On the other end of users getting cashbacks via Wrapp, is the brands creating them for their customers. This is the B2B tool where that is managed. Shown in the prototype here is the interaction of publishing a new customer reward.

Full resolution design below of the brand page settings, with a preview of how the brand page will look in-app, as well as how it looks when managing multiple brands (useful for a marketing agency).

Wrapp has since been acquired, and is now available under the name Meniga Rewards;
Google Play: http://bit.ly/30IatF6
App Store: https://apple.co/2RAD9Md

Excerpt from very kinds words written in a letter of recommendation by Fredrick Tallroth - Head of Product at Wrapp:
"..Gustav showed a great professionalism in his approach to product design and mastered to balance a pragmatic view on problems that needed solving without losing design integrity and quality.."

Role: Head of Design, collaborating with design agency Kurppa Hosk.

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