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Fleet landing page design

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Fleet landing page design framer above the fold dark ui dark landing page mobility logistic operation fleet

Hola Dribbble

I'm sharing one of my recent works in @Hanno. Technically it was not a 100% designed by me. @Sergei Tatarinov, our creative front-end developer (he used to be a designer back in the days) asked me some of the assets that I had made. Voila! He made his own creation. #crossfunctional #collaboration


On the @Framer side, it was just another learning curve for me to animate the SVG. Well, it's not perfect yet!
For framer-lovers, do you guys know by any chance how to add a gradient to SVG Path? Been looking for this answer, but didn't get any.

Check out the Framer file here

Fact: Some people asked me why I use Framer? Actually, I don't limit myself to any tools. I use many different tools to prototype: Invision, Figma, HTML, paper, you name it. But in Framer, I love it because there is no limit to my creativity. ;)
#notapaidpromotion #sharinganhonestreview


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