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HBCo. "Ondas Bravías" Irish Red Ale

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HBCo. "Ondas Bravías" Irish Red Ale national anthem stout ale logotype illustration graphic design branding brewers brewing honduras hbco crafted beer beer

Honduras Brewing Co. Craft beers
Every beer comes with a story representing some historic and fictional characters, here is the "ONDAS BRAVÍAS" story:
"This coastal woman seemed to be of a breed born in a mysterious land, cultivated under the influence of Celtic lineage, with wavy red hair that revealed her brave and wild character. In the depths of her gaze one could explore the battles, the lost loves, the landscapes traveled, the wild seas, a heritage as powerfully grounded as medieval castles. So great was her allure that he could not stop contemplating her exquisite and archetypal beauty.

And though the years have passed, neither the impetus nor the charm of her mysterious seduction, which seems to take over everything with that hair that moves like wild waves in the midst of a mighty storm, have left him."

Ondas Bravías is an Irish Red Ale style beer, made with caramelized malt, noble hops, the base for the world famous red English beers. It was created for fine palates with a touch of caramel and a dangerously addictive bouquet.

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