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Sometimes the best ideas come in the shower. This was one of those days. (Also, hi! It's been a while!)

I love incessantly playing music on repeat. I love incessantly playing game music on repeat. But with game music in particular (especially those tracks that were made for CD-based games) MP3s just don't fit the bill. This is mainly because they don't loop "correctly." Fade outs suck.

So say hi to my pie-in-the-sky idea, Perpetual, a music player that'll allow you to loop any piece of music just the way you want it. By default, you'll be able to pick a "perpetual range" to have repeat. Once you hit play, it'll play through the intro until it hits the end of the range and then loop backā€”as many times as you want.

Sigh, one day I'll build this... or get somebody to help me build it. (o^_^)b

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