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Sometimes the best ideas come in the shower. This was one of those days. (Also, hi! It's been a while!)

I love incessantly playing music on repeat. I love incessantly playing game music on repeat. But with game music in particular (especially those tracks that were made for CD-based games) MP3s just don't fit the bill. This is mainly because they don't loop "correctly." Fade outs suck.

So say hi to my pie-in-the-sky idea, Perpetual, a music player that'll allow you to loop any piece of music just the way you want it. By default, you'll be able to pick a "perpetual range" to have repeat. Once you hit play, it'll play through the intro until it hits the end of the range and then loop back—as many times as you want.

Sigh, one day I'll build this... or get somebody to help me build it. (o^_^)b

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  1. Perpetual (Mini Player)
  2. Perpetual (Drop Zone)


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