Hit the Red Line 2.0

Clock iphone vw small

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After seeing some of the other submissions I decided to rework mine a bit. I still don't think it's quite up to par with some of the other clOck designs, but I like the progression of it, and this is about as much as I can work on it tonight.

I fixed the hands and added more realism/depth to the face. I also used the design of the digital readout to frame the date, which I think matches the theme more. Lastly, I removed the default background and replaced it with a simpler "dash" background.

Hope this is the right way to resubmit this (if it's not, sorry Kevin!).

Name: Tyler Corbett
PSD: http://cl.ly/0l0Z1T2n2I0U1O3E3b3B
Title: Red Line

Full view is attached.

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