Delicate project
Delicate (few) key features of my design are:
— One click as a way to add items to the Favorite list
— Easy to add products to the Shopping Basket
— One click as a way to see more details about a specific item
— Small notifications which give feedback to the user when they add a new item
— Adding items to the list:
* Visual Reward for adding
* With this feature, value is added to the platform by allowing software to suggest products that fit the users’ needs. This could be also used to promote discounts in the users’ favorite items and improve the sales on the platform.
— The card for each item:
* Name of the article, price, image as well as favorite and add to the basket buttons
* Based on my experience as a user and with seeing friends using these type of products, I think that less is more. In today’s world, we are already surrounded by a lot of distractions that may influence your behaviour in the moment of shopping/exploring the platform.

Photos by:
Jason Briscoe
Toa Heftiba
Claire Brear
Nordwood Themes

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Posted on Feb 18, 2018

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