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After living with my most recent identity design for atomicvibe for about a year, I realized I just wasn't happy with the logo's original type. The majority of feedback I've received on it was that the type was way overdesigned.

So, even though I had very expensive letterpress biz cards printed with this logo, I decided to suck it up and just play around with the type to finally get it to a point at which I'm truly happy with it.

I toned down the type significantly to allow the icon to really shine. It's still custom, but much less busy. I liked the concept of icon and type being interconnected from my previous version, so I've found a way to work that concept into this version. I also played with the varying thicknesses of the strokes, and introduced different sized dots, to really enhance the "explosion" effect.

Here's the original methodology for my logo:

I define atomicvibe as the "a-HA!" moment of clarity in the creative process. Like nuclear fusion, it's when tiny ideas coalesce, and then explode into beautiful design.

The logo visually depicts this creative reaction. Forming abstract A and V shapes, the converging hands cradle the tiny beginnings of a big idea, fusing them until they discharge a shockwave of creativity. While primarily meant to illustrate the release of energy, the hexagonal shape and outward-radiating line elements are also suggestive of chemical equation components. The integrated custom typeface is simple and unobtrusive in its presentation, yet actually helps communicate a deeper level of meaning. The O represents the path of a solitary Hydrogen electron, and suggests that the explosive reaction depicted in the icon is an expanded view of the processes occurring at an atomic level.

See the attachment for more detail and to compare this logo redo to the 2011 version.

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