Khroma Daily Color Inspiration

Hey guys 👋,
It’s been a while since I’ve started a little side project that you can find here - Instagram . I’ve paired up with one of my favorite tools - (built by amazing George Hastings) to publish color combinations on Instagram and inspire designers on a daily basis.

Today we posted overview of our first week. You can read it on 👉 Medium and see visuals in attachment

We are planning to do these overviews weekly, so make sure to follow us if you feel like we can provide you something useful.

I’ve also prepared another overviews from this and previous month to catch up with our Instagram. So be ready for a little more colorful posts in upcoming days.

PS: Shoot us your favorite colors, and we will pair them up with something interesting in our feed.

Have an awesome day,


Lucie Bajgart
Designer of products & brands

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