iClock: Themes


So what is all this fuss about the app taking longer than expected? Well dear Dribbblers, the projected evolved into something bigger. I've been exporting your awesome themes like a madman, and along the way I figured that it was not reasonable to include everything in the app - as the file would be huge.

So this is what is happening:

iClock Themes
Nicholas Eby added support for iClock files. You will be able to import your theme inside iClock. More on that below.

iClock Central
I am building a hub where you can share your themes on the iClock website, called iClock Central. There will also be a nice rating system in place.

We are also building a iPad editor for you designers to create your own themes, on device. From here you will be able to export your theme, or submit it to iClock Central.

I hope you feel the magic, I certainly do.

Visit the website and share the word

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