Yo Fellas, this my shot for the SPACED challenge hosting by @Dann Petty, I really enjoyed creating this app and I hope you enjoy it.

I wanted to create an experience that would allow us to see the planets through a different lens from something unattainable or as if they were uninhabitable.

This is why I chose images that would allow the people who buy the ticket to understand that, for example on the Moon, there are some fantastic glaciers that can be explored by experiencing an unforgettable day.

Be sure to check the presentation!

I introduce you the iOS app for SPACED with a brand new experience that will help people to book their first trip to the Moon and to other wonderful planets like Europa and Mars directly from the JFK in New York.

In the first screen, you can view all the planets that SPACED offers simply with a swipe and with a tap you can book a trip to your favorite destination.

From the first screen, you can immediately see the cost and some comfort that we put at your disposal.

With a simple swipe upwards, the SPACED app offers an overview of the chosen planet with some views that you can experience.

We can take you to the Moon in just 9 hours.

Booking Experience
The booking experience is very simple and straightforward and is divided into 5 steps.

In the first one, you will be asked for the dates of departure and return and the available times.

How Many?
In the second one, you simply need to indicate how many you are and if you have children with you.

Choose your seats
SPACED allows its passengers to choose the place they want and we have many seats in our big spaceship, thanks to the collaboration with SpaceX.

Have fun!
Visiting a planet of your choice will be a unique and unforgettable experience. In this case, we offer a beautiful day with an expert sherpa to visit the famous glaciers in the moon, in 6 hours you can visit the best places and never seen before. The guide includes all the languages and also breakfast and lunch are included with a small gift at the end of the day.

Just swipe to the right to know other experiences.

Booking recap and payment
In the last screen, you can check all steps in one and pay with FaceID. We love to pamper our passengers and offer them the safest shopping experience possible.

Booking confirmation
A confirmation screen where you wish to space and back, safely.

Have a nice day!

Posted on Feb 12, 2018

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