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SPACED motion ui dark space spacedchallenge

---Sorry for crappy gif, see larger higher res attachments and full video here with bonus easter egg:
Better late than never, I decided to put something together for the SPACEDchallenge.

I took a different spin on things and really leaned into the concept around the tagline "To Space and Back, Safely." The visual story telling is centered around this thinking. This trip would obviously be the most terrifying thing a human could possibly do, so easing that in anyway would be advantageous.

You start on the moon, and see glimpses of the earth as content scrolls by.

I drove home the stats of successful missions/explorations the company has done, as this would be the first thing I believe consumers would want to know. I also tried with copy to acknowledge that this is kinda scary and to face your fears because it's worth it. It ends with a great quote by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - "Only in the darkness can you see the stars."

This was fun to push the boundaries with prototyping and to do something a little different.

This design goes out to Jóhann Jóhannsson who's music I was listening to while jamming on this. Unfortunately I learned he passed away this weekend. R.I.P. your art and music will live on..


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