Adriana Heim

You Snooze, You Win (ad)

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You Snooze, You Win (ad) illustration paintbrushtool adobeillustrator advertisement

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I created this 8.5″ x 11″ Batiste Dry Shampoo magazine advertisement during my Media Design course along with a classmate. This promotional piece targets busy, college-aged women by reassuring them that they can keep their hair beautiful while catching up on much needed sleep.

My classmate and I began by compiling a case study about the “Like a Girl” campaign by Always. Taking notes from this campaign, we wrote a proposal for our Batiste advertisement and provided the visual direction for the piece.

(View PDF of the case study here: )

The next part of the project included drawing up roughs and designing comps to more specifically brainstorm what the finished poster would look like.

After much experimentation with photographed content, we ended up deciding to go with a more whimsical digital illustration. We felt like the illustration communicated our message to our target audience in a strategic way.

We followed up the the project with a overview and defense of our design choices.

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